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Up Your Curb Appeal with These Summer Lawn and Garden Tips

When you are planning to put your home on the market, it’s a good idea to up your home maintenance game -- especially when it comes to the outside. Your house’s curb appeal is what draws people inside, whether they are looking at a listing online or shopping open houses in your neighborhood. The little things you do today can impact how long your home is on the market and for how much it eventually sells.


Summer lawn and garden care can be difficult for some. The extreme heat can wreak havoc on grass and plants. That damage is only amplified if your area experiences a lack of rain. These essential tips can help homeowners get their lawn and garden in shape during the summer season so their homes can put their best face forward when it is time to enter the market.


Revive or Replace Brown Spots


There’s nothing more distracting in a lawn than dry and ugly brown patches breaking up all your green. Reviving these spots or replacing them entirely helps whip your yard into tip-top shape. If less than half of your lawn is dead, it’s worth to try reviving it. Use a rake to remove dead grass and aerate the soil a bit. You can then apply new seed using a rotary seeder or your preferred method. Water your lawn and apply a high-phosphorus seed-starting fertilizer. Keep your soil damp and be sure to water every evening to prevent too much evaporation.


If more than half of your lawn is dead -- or if you are simply looking for an alternative to reviving it -- it’s worth it to consider replacing dead patches with something other than turf. Raised garden beds transform the whole look of your yard and allow you to add color to the landscape with flowers, herbs, and even vegetables. These mini-ecosystems are easy to irrigate and maintain while reducing the amount of water-greedy turf in your front yard.


Consider Eco-Friendly Upgrades


Believe it or not, your home’s environmental impact can make or break a sale. Young homebuyers are looking for eco-friendly features, including high-efficiency appliances, LED lighting, sustainable materials, solar panels, and low-impact landscaping. And when it comes to low-impact landscaping, you can’t do better than xeriscaping. Xeriscaping is a style of landscaping that reduces the need for consistent watering. Developed in drought-prone and desert areas, xeriscaping involves zoning your garden layout to bunch plants with similar watering needs together. The plants you use depend on where you live -- those who are in less arid climates can mix drought-friendly options with normal and local plant varieties. Use hedges, shrubs, and other plants create an attractive blend that appeals to potential home buyers.


Mulch it Up


Mulch is your secret weapon when it comes to summer garden maintenance. A good layer of mulch helps seal water and nutrients at your plant’s roots while also suppressing new weed growth. Plus, mulching just makes your home and garden look better. There are various aesthetically pleasing options to choose from:


  • Shredded hardwood

  • Cocoa mulch

  • Straw

  • Grass clippings

  • Compost

  • Pine straw

  • Fresh wood chips

  • Seaweed

  • Living mulch

  • Lava rock

  • Colored stone

  • Bark chips

If you are planning to put your home on the market in the upcoming year, it’s time to step up your lawn and garden game. Summer can be especially damaging, leaving you with a dry and dusty lawn that turns off prospective buyers. Get your lawn in summer shape by reviving dead lawn spots or replacing them with an aesthetically pleasing option like raised planters or container gardens. Appeal to younger demographics by adding eco-friendly xeriscaping to your curb appeal. Finally, give your garden a face lift and help protect its well-being with the power of a good layer of mulch.


Clara is a retired business owner, who currently works in community gardening. She operates GardenerGigs, which aims to connect local gardeners with those who need them. 


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