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Easy Ways to Transform Yourself into a Decluttering and Organizational Champion


Having a decluttered home is about more than impressing guests or being able to quickly find the stuff you’re looking for. A decluttered and properly organized home can relieve stress, boost your productivity, and even give you more energy throughout the day. You don’t need to call in an organizational specialist, a decluttering wizard, or even a house cleaner — you have a champion lurking within. Here’s how to bring them out.


Stop Trying to Build Rome in a Day


Perhaps a better way to put this is “stop trying to tidy up Rome in a day.” Stop trying to block out consecutive hours for the purpose of cleaning, decluttering, and organizing — it will kill your motivation. Instead, perform shorter bursts of decluttering exercises frequently. You don’t even have to spend more than five minutes at a time. Clear off one counter, or go through one stack of mail. Pick up five to 10 things and put them in their rightful storage space, and don’t hesitate to get creative. Start small and you can move mountains.


Go Room-by-Room


Beginning the decluttering process can feel overwhelming, and if you go into it without a plan and some structure, then it will be. One good way to make progress on your home is to win little victories — victories that will boost your confidence and propel you further. The best way to do this is to go room-by-room (as opposed to trying to declutter and organize your whole home at once). Try starting in the bathroom. It’s a room we don’t think about tidying up first, it’s small and manageable, and you can make a lot of good progress there.


Make It Easy to Get Rid of Stuff

Unfortunately, a large part of decluttering is getting rid of stuff. Sure, some of it is organizing and finding the right storage solution for stuff, but you can’t truly declutter without saying goodbye to a decent amount of your belongings. Your goal is to make this objectively hard task easier in any way possible — to make conditions more conducive to decluttering success.


Here’s how you can do that:

  • Turn it into a “game” of sorts. For every three or five items you decide to keep, put three or five items in the throwaway or donate pile.

  • Ask yourself pointed questions about every item. “Do I use this? Does this item spark joy? Can it be replaced?” This is especially true when it comes to organizing and decluttering our closets. For example, you can sell gently used clothing, put seasonal items into storage, and donate unwanted pieces to charity.

  • Always donate before you trash anything. If an item is given to someone less fortunate, our brains are better at letting it go.

  • Adopt this simple rule: everything must have a place. If something doesn’t have a defined place to go and exists in some sort of junk limbo, then it’s time to say goodbye.


Remember That Cleanliness Begets Tidiness

Although cleanliness and tidiness/organization/decluttering are not technically the same thing, they are two sides of the same coin. It’s hard to declutter without also giving your home a nice, deep clean. There are many methods for keeping up with cleanliness on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis. One example: proper vacuuming. This is key to keeping a home free of dust, hair, pet dander, and other allergens. It’s important to get a vacuum that is as good on tile floors as carpets so that you can tackle every room. As with every major purchase, be sure to check out a buying guide before making any decisions.


Despite what you may think about yourself, there are no messy, disorganized people — there are only tidy, declutterers waiting to break out. Release your inner champion for better health, happiness, and overall well-being.

About the author: Suzie Wilson is a guest writer for REALTY NAVIGATOR and has been an interior designer for over 20 years. She has "a passion for helping people organize and style their homes so they’re not only beautiful, but offer a relaxing, stress-free environment to every member of the family." Visit her website Happier Home


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